They say that it was a shot that was heard around the world that ushered in the First World War...

Now, let there be a song of love that is heard around the world that ushers in an era of global unity, prosperity and Peace for all beings!

Join us Sunday, December 17th, 2017 at Unity of Beaverton from 4-5:30 P.M as we send out a powerful ripple of song love and then the opportunity to continue rippling these song-love waves into the future:

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artwork by Ali Miner: website here




Find the pdf of song words here

Song Journey Part 1

Song Journey part 2 

Other Heart quarters for group song:

In the bay Area, California: Mark Growden and The Calling All Choir, website here

in Portland, Oregon: Sarah Adams and the “On the Wings of Song Community choir, website here

In Port Townsend, Washington, Laurence Cole: website here

In Eugene Oregon: Karly Loveling and The Singing Heart Choir, website here

In Kauai: Daniel Nelson and The Sacred Earth Choir, website here

In Torronto, Canada: Mila Redwood website here





“Sound is the architect of creation, and sound carrying united loving intention is, perhaps, the greatest power for good that we have at our fingertips.”

The Power of Sound

Gathering together in song creates coherent fields which draw the Earth and Humanity into states of harmony and well being, balancing, stabilizing and blessing the surrounding field for thousands of miles, rippling out into infinity. “As we unlock this key to love here on Earth, it ripples out in a cosmic re-birth sreading to the universe far and wide like a great and glorious mother’s heart that calls back everything that’s ever been a part, and we are born again in love” from the song, Born again in Love by Sarah Adams

Sound Heals

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