Enslavement Matrix Decoded at the Edge of Liberation

The True Flower of Life

This may seem a strange and surreal, even a morbid headline title, but this very morning I have been downloaded with the mechanics of how the anti-life factions have kept our consciousness alive and enslaved here on planet Earth. I had this knowledge before, but this morning I really received it at a whole new level. I was imagining the true flower of life ( See graphic here) and how each petal of the flower makes its divergence from source at the center but returns to drink of the mother to receive the energy food that enables the living spiral to blosssm itself out even further the next time and the next, always returning home for food at the end of each cycle to spiral out into ever wider blossoms. This is how organic living consciousness participates with source in this marvelous act of creation.

Then I asked myself, “So, if this is so, then how in the world does the fibonacci spiral, which never returns back to source after it makes its first spiral….. (Stay with me here…) How does it not lose energy and actually get smaller in its spiral and cease its life immediately? And then I thought, “something must be keeping it alive artificially if it is not returning to source but is still staying alive.” Then it hit me: it must be receiving an active influence from something outside that is keeping it alive. OMG, this is how the satanic matrix works. It siphons energy from an external source to keep its dying body alive. So, it was then that the big truth hit me and I felt it in my bones, in my blood, through all of my being. There is an artificial intelligence pulse that is constantly imbuing the energy that enables the spiral to repeat, that enables life to continue while it is actually in lock-down underneath a death matrix. This breaks all the rules of what should be. We are all slaves under the grip of this matrix

At once, I understood why my blog of yesterday makes sense. Here is a snippet from that blog.

The bombed wedding hall where she stands alone…

This is why I feel so bereft and like my house has been ram-shackled because it truly has. I was feeling like I was exaggerating, that I should just get a grip, like it really is not that bad. I have news for you! It is this bad!!!This place under the grip of this kiling machine would die in an instant without the negative aliens pulsing this artificial pulse. So, why. Why do they keep us alive at all? The answer is: “They keep us alive so that they can benefit from our enslavement and harvest our misery because it is the food that keeps there fallen systems alive. In essence, we are their gasoline.

But now, as painful and negative the experience of Covid 19 has been and even seemed like the controllers where getting a tighter grip on us, which is partially true; it has also given us the perfect means to go inward and begin invoking our own light to return. As a collective, we have increased our collective heart light immensely through this harrowing and painful journey. As happens at the end of the night is the dark factions hang themselves with their own noose. Our light is growing and light has increased on this planet so much that all of their death architecture is beginning to fail them. The artificial AI’s survival is not being supported here on Earth or in the Milky Way Galaxy at large. The fallen inverted false life generated systems are loosing their power to harvest negative energy. The original home architecture of this organic living planet is returning. Life is beginning to overtake anti-life enslavement. We are resurrecting from this long night of bondage. The rainbow torsion fields are descending from the sky and unlocking the shackles of the false bonded, gender split DNA/RNA and the isolation of lover and beloved from one another is ending as the amino acids are able to pair bond once again. The experience of this will be like Terra forming a barren planet, like bringing the agonizingly alone feeling into the heart of the great reunion with all of its family. This will be the experience for the ones who have been matrix holders for the full grid’s return.

In 1995, I saw it: a ship of slaves crossing a mighty ocean on the darkest night at the darkest time. I heard their moaning and weeping as the engine shoveled coal to keep the boat of misery afloat and moving forward. Now I know that the shoveling of this coal represents the pulse of the AI which keeps the machine driving forward. And the torsion fields of rainbow light that come to release the shackled prisoners on deck in my vision are the return of the trinity architecture from the Krystal star of living light. In my vision the sky cracks open and the rainbows begin spiraling down. And as the spirals touch the shackled prisoners, they shed metal shackles that imprison them and rise up to dance in the most beautiful chain. I think these are amino acid chains in the DNA. I am not sure about the biology. Sometimes I wish I could really translate, but I can tell you the inner sense of it all. (I have learned this: that threw trauma, the DNA comes into distorted configurations of false bonds, and unconditional love is what unlocks the false bonds. It is especially through grief that they are released and the proper configuration can be restored. I do also know that the negative aliens installed architecture within the DNA to block protein synthesis. This is how they held human genome at the enslavement in the bi-wave level in fear-based reality so humanity could serve as “working slaves” yielding a good harvest of pain body. It is almost like we have served as their cattle, they, milking misery from us when they need it. I know this is sinister, but it really helps to understand the workings of the machine and how this death machine has held the living light in bondage on this planet as now we are liberating ourselves from this matrix. All is seen at the end of the night when the light is returning. In 1996 I actually learned that I had had myself death spelled in a life in Ancient Lemuria when I had siphoned power from the external so that I could come to the Earth and go through her liberation and resurrection with her in perfect solidarity and also serve as a veil lifter to enable her ascension.

And in just 6 days, we begin the great planetary reboot through eraofpeace.org with Patricia Cota Robles and the “Hosts of Heaven” she calls them. I see this as the galactic beings who are helping us to resurrect this Earth. It has been a long strange trip, and I, for one, am more than ready to go home, to feel the reunion and celebration as our DNA and we awaken from quarantine and dance back into the family of light within and without. The isolation finally ends. What a miraculous time, human family. I love you so much. We are going home! On December 1st 1996, my shaman released the first of 49 lynch pins, and I had an amazing vision of humanity’s liberation. In 2018 I sent this song to Patricia to see if I could be part of the “Congress of Illumination” which back then cost to much for me to afford. The video is below. To impress upon you what a “big deal” this is. This year, the planetary achievement is so great that it needs as many as possible to participate. That is why it is free. Sign up at http://www.eraofpeace.org Here is the video I made in August of 2018 telling of my experience on December 1st 1996.

Family of Light, We are going home!

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