The Short version:  Join us December 17th. In Beaverton, Oregon we will be gathering at Unity of Beaverton: 12650 SW from 7:00 P.M.- 8:30 P.M. You can join in with your group or just yourself anytime on this day. PDF of songs and video will be available soon and the video will be available for download on Vimeo .Following the December kick-off event, we invite everyone to join in song and dedicate these songs of love and hope to the upliftment of humanity and the Earth knowing that we can send a positive ripple of song love into the world at any time we are feeling hopeless or powerless.  It is the hope that this movement will help people to feel empowered when they may be feeling hopeless, that they may join together in song prayer and participate actively in calling forth the world they most want to see, and in times of crisis and tragedy, that we can send this song- love to the places and people that are facing the greatest challenges. May ripples of song- love continue to emanate across this great Earth until love and light reign supreme and every sentient life-form is lifted beyond fear!If English is not your 1st language, just join us in the intentions of the song journey and sing the songs you most love in your language!Read more about the vision  “here”

The Specifics:

 “Sing Love Around the World” is a group singing movement to begin its first synchronized event on the December 17th, 2017. Anytime of the day, Join us in song. YOu may follow us on this song video or just sing songs that uplift your heart! Whatever time you sing, we will be joined as one.  Here is the video for part 1 of the song journey:

We encourage choirs, churches, any groups where folks are already gathered to participate with us in the song journey. Of course, individuals can join too! The song journey will be available for purchase on vimeo  in case you want to follow along but will not have wifi at your gathering place. The songs are simple, and the song pdf of words and chords will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned by December 2nd.More about the song journey:The shortened song journey is just to pick 3 songs from each section and sing those!The Three Sections of the Song Journey:Love for self: As a lead into this section, we will chant I love you in our home language, focusing this love on ourselves.Love for the Earth: As a lead into this section, we will chant. Earth we love youUnity for all beings: As a lead in, we will chant: We Are OneAll ages are encouraged to participate, and when it gets right down to it, it is our presence and our intention which truly has the power.If English is not your first language, please bring the songs in your language that most uplift your heart during this hour song jam. The song journey is available on youtube to stream, and will be available for 48 hours offline to play on the day of the event.